Wednesday, May 25, 2005

This yr wishlist

how to write this post?

wat i want lehz?

this yr wishlist..

hmm alreadi may liao... 7 more mths left

4 more mths to my birthday





1)a digicam(shall go see wat brand i want) must b clear in resolution) super nice 1

i Love to take pics...
i want take piCs of wonderful memories

n of Coz beautiful gals..

tat is my No 1 target


haha yup watch movies.. movies best la... watch with a crowd even beta.. so dun nid buy dvd player or vcd players la.. just watch movie with me at every cinemas in singapore.. any movie lovers here?

3) MOre jeans n more clothes

very secondary needs.. but tink i getting poorer.. so no more nice clothes.. wahah my fren can tetsify to it.. how many times u see me with short n tshirt?^^v

4) shoes =>nike, puma.. branded. as branded as possible

i like shoes.. haha.. but sadly i seldom haf extra money buy shoes shoes...

arghh.. i wan 100 pairs of shoes..

wah i sound like a gal

ty ty i a very vain person mahz.. so i wan earn earn liao

HAHA.. all this is secondary needs

wat i wish to haf most beside a digicam

1) money for futher studies
2) be smart euff
3) be more knowledgeable
4)a chalet outing
5) a ktv session

alot hor there sumore la

but all need money n tat wat i onli can tink of rite now

SO BASICALLY wat i aim for this yr is
1) a digi cam
2) a videocamera
3) more money?

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