Wednesday, May 25, 2005

hmm spent a afternoon with hoshi

bad alex..
make lijun wait for so many hrs outside xbox cineleisure.. -_-

n hmm i kana bluffed by her to go cine leisure lo..

n i tot i can enjoy a day of singing song.. but sadly dun haf!!

shant tok nonsense here .. wait some1 kill me

nice day overall.. watch ameyville horror.. scary sia.. -.- gory image alot.. lolz..but somehow a gal is nt scared

haha.. can see she gt healthy appetite.. so shocked when i see her bring so huge plate of tat thing.. huo guo or wat.. dunnoe how to pronunce..

n i m eatig my 4 dollar of chicken rice.. grr.. so exp..

i m down to my last dollars soon

haha.. but nvm nice money spent.. although i expect ktv.. i wan ktv i wan ktv!!

duno wat she tink of mi..

i tink i very quiet today
i alway quiet 1 lo
shy guy u noe..lala

tok rubbish again

nth la.. overall .. gd day spent with u.. hopefully more days with u like this..

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