Sunday, May 22, 2005

early sunday morning

tis shall be a gd entry becoz i tink i haf ignored this place for quite long.. omg can see the cobwebs starting to form up!!
shall start frm the disruption of my beautiful off day~

wonderfully disgusting n disappointing.. watever sux english oso use in it la.. i go back.. i do my work.. yet no 1 is appreciative of me going back.. wah i feel so sad.. n so many damn work to do lo.. tsk tsk..

saf reali dun deserve me.. @#$@$ saf...

bt nvm still gt 1 1/2 yr more.. hey any1 remember my ord date? haha.. chienwen remember sia.. power.. *so touched* pls repeat after mi.. it is 19 dec 2006..

quite long la.. but hopfully i will survive by then..

that conclude my wednesday whcih i feel totally sux bt nvm it is all over... i m just wasting army time.. nt my time


same same normal saf day.. just sux as usaly.. but play soccer.. nice nice.. score goal by standing there.. this is my expertise~


half day~~
battalion live run.. o o o o
go home looooooooo

fri nite

go jio many gals in irc..~~

add 4 frens i tink!!

shiok shiok
but wah
can i remmeber thier names?

1 more 1 more!!

forget.. oops


wake up early afternoon.. damn tired.. keep on wan slp.. 3pm went to see star wars..

ok la.. nt wat i expected.. it is just liek following plot.. predictable.. sad..-_-

shant tok abt it

at least i watch all star wars moviess~~

den after movie.. go eat long john silver..heee

den den~~

go tampines mall walk ard

saw shiying.. i noe she working at tampines m1 shop.. but nv go tok to her.. becoz nt familar with her.. n of coz i wear vey lousy clothes.....

haha sw minmin too.. sembawang music at tampines today.. haha she look damn sian lo.. how i wish i can go entertain her.. but she gif me tat look..-.- fierce sia.. i so ze er mehz??

tsk tsk

den go see activities at tampines open plaza... later gt live screening of fa cup final..

oo gt maxim gals.. they r so hot!! 1 grab me to their booth n intro me to theri maxim subsciption.. but they so hot.. cant take my eyes off them:P

haha.. den we drift away frm them.. den go queue for gdies
cute cute!!
gt a gal flirt flirt 1..:P
den ahem i play along with her la..
she a ncie gal btw.. but too bad i forget her looks alreadi:P

ahh.. den went kallang watch soccer
slack ard
I was so sian during whole match
becoz man u totally outplayed arsenal
so manychnaces
but they missed
n arsenal survived to win penalty shoot out
yeah yeah
we r the best
we r arsenal!

den sadly today no plans
shall slack here........................

i want beautiful gals

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