Thursday, May 26, 2005

this post is full of sex, violence and trickery


bluff u 1 la..


this is totally nc16 stuff..

i early morning watch liverpool win acmilan.. so shiok.. although eyes keep closing.. but still can see here n there.. quite interesting.. i defintely gt saw the second half, extra time, ppenalties.. n the celebrations.. almost see gerrard cry..lolz

hurray for liverpool who won cl league
hurray for arsenal who won the fa cup
but hm chelsea..=x.. stole arsenal epl.. sianz
next yr will b better

epl finished .. socccer finish.. sianz liao for next few mth.. Lull

but haha.. early morning bkk in.. nearly late.. den went on despatch.. shiok.. whole day out of camp.. went back camp.. den rdy to bk out for nite ooff
nthg memorable..

hehee.. i just wan 19 dec 2006 to come faster
1 day less 1 day less


yoyo any1 need a bf for hire?
here here pls msg me at
i need money for digicam..

i m nt gd looking
i m nt nice to tok to
i m shy
i m very no leadership type of guy
but i can give u 100% attention 1

gals i prefer=> short hair
ye man nu you
nice n funny gal

horhor although i dun mind amelia, minmin, chienwen, meiqi, peishan, cailian, jennifer, eugenia, yizhen, siying , cuiting, lijun applying oso

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