Saturday, December 03, 2005

Sometime i tink i very dumb

hm.. okie la.. 1 wk gone again .. now is dec 3..alreadi

xmas is coming.. wonder wat i will do

i gt no plans..

wishing to see some ppl but somehow i dun tink they will

romantic season.. xmas..

but sad also i guess

lonely lonely lonely lonely jincai....

haha.. i dunnoe wat to look forward liao..but i guess

i just have to live from day to day..

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

yesterday nite off nv blog.. but sneak out to come out to blog

lol.. today is wednesday..shouldnt be here at all.. my nites off days are tuesday n thursday!
but i sneak out of camp.. haha
wana enjoy life out here.. listen music play games.. chat with fren
so shiok

haha.. duno time passes quite slow or i should say fast sinceit is the end of nov le..

actuali today should be the end of HR audit..

However, mysuperior delayed it by 2 more wks..

so sian lo.. i just hate changes

i prepped properly for this lo

2 more wks.. it seemm so far away

but 1 mth later it is end of the yr

haha.. actuali wish for the end of yr come soon..

maybe nxt yr will be a better yr
it willb full of happiness n joy nxt yr..

i hopeeeeeeeeeeee soo

hmm i get guard duty on 31 dec 2005.. haha wat a way to end yr 2005

anyway 2005 sux for me la.. it is a apt way to end this horrible yr..

but i would nt regret noeing more frens in this yr.. haha i noe amelia.. yingying.. n many more ba

wat will nxt yr bring

Sunday, November 27, 2005

hmm justcounting the days to ord.. 387 days..

i woke up early morning.. ard 9

den online all the way..

see my bills shocked.. my 1mth pay!!

see my msn contact wana cry..

nobody to chat

or rather gt alot of ppl

but no favourite person is online

lol.. i just wasting away la...

stare at com screen whole day

wat i get frm the end of the day


1 pair of tired eyes

added a nice gal called shiying.. frm wholivesnearu..she studied ntu acct.. pretty

buttock rot n pain..

i wan my life back