Saturday, June 05, 2004

hmm feeling quite ok... n eek.. i on tv on friday

haha.. sian ah.. today gt a netfren come back.. finally reunited>.<.. she suffer the terrible fate i dun wan to b bestowed on any1.. is her com spoil.. i duno sia.. for 2 3 wk she offline.. hmm.. is i bo xin?=x

haha...xinhui dui bu qi ah.. hmm i forget i gt ur hp no n hmm=x..but i gt try email least gt effort ah

another BIG newS: today finally broadcast me first appearance on tv..LOL

n who told me the news first=P.. another netfren.. i dun even noe... my fren oso n watch..

ARGHH.. this is wat she told me" when i recognized tat person on tv is me, i laughed until my mum come n see whether i siao arnot" nt exact words but same meanning..


Friday, June 04, 2004

eeks..damn unappreciated


i really tink i getting old liao.. getting thrown away liao.. 2 gals tell me i so boring to me..tok the same topic. although may say it nicely... but it hurts..

arghh.duno lehz.. is they dun wan chat with me.. how can i alway come out with topics..sian..

i tink i should go find a job n b away frm stupid com or just open another acc..JUST TO B A NEW PERSON


Thursday, June 03, 2004

thanks for ur concern.. songs r the best solution to xin shi


thanks frens for ur concern.. well life still continues..just hope i will become more normal ba..

sian..i still achieved nth oday except playing gb lo.. wasted life.. haiz.. temper oso change like weather..i can b angry a moment happy the next moment..haiz

hmm songs do heal ppl wound. today i received songs frm 2 frens.. they all say the songs is useful for me to hear..lolx.

well it do work abit..

but where r u? my reason for me?

hmm wo chi xin mehz? lolx..

arghh.. dun feel rite today

really dun feel rite roday..

play gb whole afternoon..

i feeling more distant towards ppl.. maybe i m a stranger more n more to them.. dun feel happy.. dun feel anything..haiz


can some1 tell me wat wrong with me??

Monday, May 31, 2004

2am 1st june

hmm.. today is another day for me.. play some soccer... watch some tv.. online..lolz

why life feel so empty for me?

hmm.. still no mood to chat.. cannt raise my mood..arghh

i really tired abt life..haiz..

tml watch the day after tml.. hopefully i will enjoy it

3am*made a person angry..sorry

I very sorry.....

i made a gal angry today..

she a very gd netfren of mine.. she frenly n cute n funny too.. alway like her english songs. also..*take me to the heart* is wat she intro to me

hmm.. i very sorry tat i had hurt her in ways i cannt imagine.. just wan to tell her wat i did is nt intentional..maybe i sound nt serious.. maybe i dun treat u serious euff..but i wan to tell u r a gd fren to me.. u wonderful to me..a very sincere thank u to u..

Maybe we should tok.. can reply me in msn mahz??

hmm 1 am .. quite ok la.. bz sleeping n entertaining cousin who come my house.. day go fast.. den finally can online at 11pm..

usual suspects is online..NEWS, peishan, lijun,n so on..

nt really in chatting mood so go play games..

hmm den 2 kpo auntie come ask me abt tat thing..=.=" * u noe who u r*

sianz..hehe.. still gt weird feeling>.<....i alway get tat kind of feeling.. i dun tink i fated to love or to b loved....

*lonely the whole life*

si crea..i nt gay.

tml gt soccer..*happy*

peishan alway my best netfren=P.. jun ..hee i told yun tat u say she a nice gal>.<

Sunday, May 30, 2004


haha.. weirddddddddddd... tink some1 infect me 1..

i feeling weird tonite n siao siao.. n duno wat feeling..

tis problem tat i wun say in blog.. make me feel weird..

how can a online fren like me? i a person who is lame dao siao..