Monday, May 31, 2004

hmm 1 am .. quite ok la.. bz sleeping n entertaining cousin who come my house.. day go fast.. den finally can online at 11pm..

usual suspects is online..NEWS, peishan, lijun,n so on..

nt really in chatting mood so go play games..

hmm den 2 kpo auntie come ask me abt tat thing..=.=" * u noe who u r*

sianz..hehe.. still gt weird feeling>.<....i alway get tat kind of feeling.. i dun tink i fated to love or to b loved....

*lonely the whole life*

si crea..i nt gay.

tml gt soccer..*happy*

peishan alway my best netfren=P.. jun ..hee i told yun tat u say she a nice gal>.<

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