Thursday, June 03, 2004

thanks for ur concern.. songs r the best solution to xin shi


thanks frens for ur concern.. well life still continues..just hope i will become more normal ba..

sian..i still achieved nth oday except playing gb lo.. wasted life.. haiz.. temper oso change like weather..i can b angry a moment happy the next moment..haiz

hmm songs do heal ppl wound. today i received songs frm 2 frens.. they all say the songs is useful for me to hear..lolx.

well it do work abit..

but where r u? my reason for me?

hmm wo chi xin mehz? lolx..

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JuN said...

eh.. i send the song not becoz of ur mood.. becoz
i find that song lyrics very meaningful..
and i absolutely love it..aiya but u dun think so much...
and sorry.. u play gb too much craps liao..
den afternoon i cannot tahan.. that y say u ..