Saturday, June 05, 2004

hmm feeling quite ok... n eek.. i on tv on friday

haha.. sian ah.. today gt a netfren come back.. finally reunited>.<.. she suffer the terrible fate i dun wan to b bestowed on any1.. is her com spoil.. i duno sia.. for 2 3 wk she offline.. hmm.. is i bo xin?=x

haha...xinhui dui bu qi ah.. hmm i forget i gt ur hp no n hmm=x..but i gt try email least gt effort ah

another BIG newS: today finally broadcast me first appearance on tv..LOL

n who told me the news first=P.. another netfren.. i dun even noe... my fren oso n watch..

ARGHH.. this is wat she told me" when i recognized tat person on tv is me, i laughed until my mum come n see whether i siao arnot" nt exact words but same meanning..


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