Saturday, August 20, 2005

so bored hor my blog


dunnoe la

my blog is boring i tink..

today friday nite.. nono is saturday early morning.. 4am le..

habent slp sia

going back campp soon for some shit thing.. alert amber.. lolx..

hmm lijun nv tok to me le..
i just dunnoe how to do le

Thursday, August 18, 2005

yo.. thurs nite off.. no life for me?


my life sux la.. this wk settle shit n shit n shit..

i hate 3 guards..

duno when i can go oversea...

i wan go oversea le

i wan my life back!!

gd life back!!

i wan to b more proactive in life!!

hmm any1 help me??

i wan study acca??

how how?


i wan to take more courses..

gif me money??

i hate this world..

frioday coming soon

but alert amber activation ON 20 AUG

Monday, August 15, 2005

damn myself

hm i so immature..

die le la.. alway gt ppl say i immature.. how i gg to live with myself?

hmm i duno la

double blow last wkend.. lost hp.. sick for 2 days..

cant la.. must b retribution for saying i leaving far too soon.. bluff a few ppppl

hmm i havent leave yet.. but maybe soon la...

i tired of singapore

Sunday, August 14, 2005

she alway blk me lo

she alway block me lo..

i reali very tired to b like this..

i noe i alway irritate ppl

but why she alway treat me lidat

being blked does hurt ..

i alreadi very troubled over the oversea things....

hmm i m a ugly person..

no frens .. no life.. should i go taiwan??

she does nt care abt any1