Tuesday, April 19, 2005

no go outfield.. stupid army

i nv go outfield becoz of various various reason which i dun wan elaborate..
so sad kana scolded by CO yesterday.. nb CO

in all, life is sianz.. heng no ppl disturb me alot..

maybe is becoz of my face la

dulan face scare ppl away

hmm today is bkout day..
but i very tired

when my army life end?

yesterday nite chat with 3 gals.. haha make them dulan i tink.. i oso forget wat i said..

all say mi lame sia.. kaoz.. duno i will call them arnot again.. see my mood

just now in the evening go disturb a gal at her workplace in TM


minmin la

lolz.. took her pics .. she nv say alot but try to shoo me off BUT

she sent me a sms that " U R VERY LAME"

Interetsing hor


Sunday, April 17, 2005

book in le

erm nth to report..
sian whole day sit in frt of com

funi sia.. when i chat with new ppl on irc.. they after noe i 21m.. they will shut up n dun tok le..
issit i too old le.. or old guys r se pei ah to gals in the range of 14-18age old..?

interesting observation

old liao la

haha but nt bad for every3 gal who dun chat, there is a nice gal who chat n chat well too

i noe a new gal

she is amelia..
lolz i tink i gt alot of netfren named amelia liao.. tink her chinese name is shu ling.. dun reali remember

nice gal
singapore poly 1..martime eng coz
haiz.. once upon i noe a grp of nice SP gals too
biz IT 1
but they ...........................

going to bk in.. duno when can come out

go outfield 3 days
wish mi luck
dun get mosquito bite or foot rot
ping ping an an

tired after playing soccer.. tired everyday.. battery expended

every1 ready for this announcement

i m officially tired of living..

can i go jump down..

army life so knn....

sat afternoon play soccer.. sat morning bk out n haf breakfast with army frens..
sat evening eat dinner with frens.. like nth to tok.. so sianz.. n maybe becoz i m tired. did not contribute much.
watch soccer... arsenal won 3-0.. shiok buy lose money.. i so tired..

den come home quite early
go online chat chat
chienwen chat with mi.. gu yi wei nan ta.. but hmm she dun haf alot of response.. guess i just a some1 online to her... sad

hmm chat with lian po po.. wooh wooh wooh... nth much... tok rubbish..

die la die la die la