Sunday, April 17, 2005

book in le

erm nth to report..
sian whole day sit in frt of com

funi sia.. when i chat with new ppl on irc.. they after noe i 21m.. they will shut up n dun tok le..
issit i too old le.. or old guys r se pei ah to gals in the range of 14-18age old..?

interesting observation

old liao la

haha but nt bad for every3 gal who dun chat, there is a nice gal who chat n chat well too

i noe a new gal

she is amelia..
lolz i tink i gt alot of netfren named amelia liao.. tink her chinese name is shu ling.. dun reali remember

nice gal
singapore poly 1..martime eng coz
haiz.. once upon i noe a grp of nice SP gals too
biz IT 1
but they ...........................

going to bk in.. duno when can come out

go outfield 3 days
wish mi luck
dun get mosquito bite or foot rot
ping ping an an

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