Sunday, April 17, 2005

tired after playing soccer.. tired everyday.. battery expended

every1 ready for this announcement

i m officially tired of living..

can i go jump down..

army life so knn....

sat afternoon play soccer.. sat morning bk out n haf breakfast with army frens..
sat evening eat dinner with frens.. like nth to tok.. so sianz.. n maybe becoz i m tired. did not contribute much.
watch soccer... arsenal won 3-0.. shiok buy lose money.. i so tired..

den come home quite early
go online chat chat
chienwen chat with mi.. gu yi wei nan ta.. but hmm she dun haf alot of response.. guess i just a some1 online to her... sad

hmm chat with lian po po.. wooh wooh wooh... nth much... tok rubbish..

die la die la die la

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