Friday, June 15, 2007

oh havent update blog for long time

ok.. been busy with exams.. 2 weeks 5 paper.. nt easy at all.. althooough sometime i wan to give up, but i aim to strive on n do my best... but haiss.. life seem to go against me. hope i can pass all papers.. nth much to update except alot of days spent studying.. shagged

now looking towards future challenges.. havent map them oout..

but i tink i gt several short term plans n long term plans to think of..

haiss.. nxt post den discuss.. abit tired..

been going interviews today

caught in the rain n kana drench like noboody biz..

another exciting interviewing day in a day of jincai life..

but meet a chiobu hr woman


nxt wk gt more interviews.. hopefully can secure a post fast euff..

i wan a a job