Saturday, July 24, 2004 is 3am

hmm.. 3 am liao.. so nice.. but boring sia.. most of ppl slp le.. only gt 1 2 night cats.. sad:(.. nth much to say.. as ncie day as possible.. no ppl kajiao me.. nice chat with frens.. nice gb

wat can i wish for more?

eh..should i chnage my blog? every1 blog is nicer than me..haha

lolx.. how i wish some1 will like me..=P

Friday, July 23, 2004

mouth pain.. sore eyes..


haha.. today mood nicer since i slpt yesterday earlier.. at 130am i tink.. wahaha.. early hor.. n i watch soccer on tv.. soccer alway heal me^^....

nthg much to report..just alway gbing m cm4ing.. wat a boring life..

arhhh... give me something to write omg

.. headache..

lolx.. so wonderfully sian today.. but 2 event conspired to make me angry n now headache.. n HMm i cry for awhile..*gUys do cry U NOE*

hmm do cry alot make ppl headache.. i really headache.. arghh

lolx.. my life sux.. just really sux.. dun care abt ppl who say life will b better or watever bullshit.. guess it sux..

well wat make my life sux? to me, only 1 thing is impt.. guess if tat thing is in conflict with urself.. guess it will make u very sad n angry.. wat a  quarrel today.. make me xin suan..

guess it will blow over.. but now i m filled with indignitation n alot of hurt..

arghh.. now i tink i really a crybaby..sian

hmm.. meet 2 old frens.. how i wish to walk past them.. but cannt ah.. walk staright on.. can only make small talk.. all asking abt army thing..lolx.. boliao.. guess their life is revolving away frm me..

hmM.. Guess every1 life is revolving away frm me.. guess i m alone again..

i did run away frm home b4

erm brain sotz liao.. i m just grumbling.. take no notice

Thursday, July 22, 2004

wednesday.. the middle of the week

lolx.. i duno how many weeks had passed since my last day of sch.. i so happy when i left sch.. now feeling damn sad+angry+ so many negative feeling.. so to whoever in poly, pls treasure ur poly days.. it is the best..

i still dream of the days my frens n i play soccer on tp street soccer coutr, the way i alway go copy ppl tutorial, the way i alway walk ard in tp bio chio bu.. alway like to go biz sch..~.~.. the canteen food.. the way i alway stay late at sch playing gb~~.. the way i alway bully ah kuang.. the way we alway called lecturers stupid nick.. those r the days...

haha.. of coz the best memory is the lectures.. i alway like to slp in lectures.. haiz.. havent choose which lecture hall is best for sleeping..woot

hehe.. i sound so bad.. but those r the activites by a normal poly student.. the rest of student who doesnt do tat r abnormal..wahaha

eh.. lolx.. grad cermony coming.. duno wat i feel tat day.... sad? depressed?

ahhhHH.. i guess i nt the best of ppl to chat with these few days.. becoz i miss

i guess.. i wonder.. if some1 can replace tat something

Sunday, July 18, 2004

ahHH monDay is coming sooN..

lolx.. bought a new house.. lauya 1.. but can work can liao.. i near qian juan gei wo ba.. donate money to me bahz..lolx.. forget mark lee sound n tune.. i nt taleeted in music..arghh

hehe.. nth happen oso these day.. just gone for a farewell dinner yesterday.. saw a gd gal fren gone.. n another fren sad.. n he so romantic.. gif the gal a present.lolx..he gt a romantic interest on the gal..haha

hehehehe.. the present is , guess wat, is a clock..wahaha.. song zhong..

LOL...but the intention is romantic.. i touched by it.. duno abt the gal.. duno if i gt the thing inside me give the gal i like a romantic gift..haha..

wat gift a gal would like lehz??

i duno for sure.. if who noe, can tell me mahz..haha

i wish i can give a romantic gift..lolx.. but the person so far away..