Thursday, July 22, 2004

wednesday.. the middle of the week

lolx.. i duno how many weeks had passed since my last day of sch.. i so happy when i left sch.. now feeling damn sad+angry+ so many negative feeling.. so to whoever in poly, pls treasure ur poly days.. it is the best..

i still dream of the days my frens n i play soccer on tp street soccer coutr, the way i alway go copy ppl tutorial, the way i alway walk ard in tp bio chio bu.. alway like to go biz sch..~.~.. the canteen food.. the way i alway stay late at sch playing gb~~.. the way i alway bully ah kuang.. the way we alway called lecturers stupid nick.. those r the days...

haha.. of coz the best memory is the lectures.. i alway like to slp in lectures.. haiz.. havent choose which lecture hall is best for sleeping..woot

hehe.. i sound so bad.. but those r the activites by a normal poly student.. the rest of student who doesnt do tat r abnormal..wahaha

eh.. lolx.. grad cermony coming.. duno wat i feel tat day.... sad? depressed?

ahhhHH.. i guess i nt the best of ppl to chat with these few days.. becoz i miss

i guess.. i wonder.. if some1 can replace tat something

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