Sunday, July 18, 2004

ahHH monDay is coming sooN..

lolx.. bought a new house.. lauya 1.. but can work can liao.. i near qian juan gei wo ba.. donate money to me bahz..lolx.. forget mark lee sound n tune.. i nt taleeted in music..arghh

hehe.. nth happen oso these day.. just gone for a farewell dinner yesterday.. saw a gd gal fren gone.. n another fren sad.. n he so romantic.. gif the gal a present.lolx..he gt a romantic interest on the gal..haha

hehehehe.. the present is , guess wat, is a clock..wahaha.. song zhong..

LOL...but the intention is romantic.. i touched by it.. duno abt the gal.. duno if i gt the thing inside me give the gal i like a romantic gift..haha..

wat gift a gal would like lehz??

i duno for sure.. if who noe, can tell me mahz..haha

i wish i can give a romantic gift..lolx.. but the person so far away..

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