Friday, April 15, 2005

wkend le.. nth to report, sir


getting tired of my life again

no frens liao la
next wk outfield

wat is my life?
1 word sumit up sianz

yaya saw ur blog.. yaya u r crappy gal

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

slpt in forest of marsiling

haiz... nitemare do come true

i reali go for field camp but heng 1 day nia.. but rain alot sia.. ground muddy n i nv prepare much.. so i was soaking wet the whole day.. arghh... everything wet n muddy..

slpt in marsiling forest
quiet scary
kept on waking up
wildlife in marsiling is thriving becoz i saw big ants
big squrriels
big snails
big woodpeckers
seldom see them alive
so it is a experience
n its over

n hmm very few ppl reply back my msg lo

i very tired
very tired


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Yo go mayday mini concert

high la high la

spent my whole nite at bishan junction 8
nt bad nt bad

reali high
mayday rox
live performance even more rox
see a netfren
say halo n bye to her.. duno why she laugh when she see me

^^ must b i look too funni le la

afternoon go bugi play arcade or rather watcvh ppl play

so sianz
but in whole nt bad la
see lot fo pretty gals
n relac quite abit
now then go home
go boon keng eat prata again
n tok tok

nthg to report , sir...

permission to slp?