Tuesday, October 14, 2008

tuesday @ work.. quarel with her again

haa.. quarrel with her again.. tot we cold war all the way.. but we clash over something small again..

why she always have the wrg idea abt me..

anyway it ok la.. hahhaa study more impt

must keep tink of idea to press myself on

everyday i must improve

Sunday, October 12, 2008

restart blog now.. becoz i need a blog to sort out my tots..

omg.. economy is getting bad.. wad to do.. how to do.. must be prepared for recession

best is to be more hardworkin @ work n hope for more pay n bonuese.. n find second jobs....

i slack too long.. this yr i must complete 1 paper of insurance n pass it..

N also i must pass the three paper of my accounting paper..

Cannt slack..

must plan my time welll

chua jincai, u can do it.. no distraction.. totally focused on the goal

6 mre days to payday