Saturday, August 07, 2004

when dreams fail, practical things take over

haiz.. after alot of sad entries, i decide to write something gd.. becoz hmm i just now had a great nap..

now listening to wu yue tian sheng ming you yi zhong jue dui

hmm.. yeah.. true

life has its start n its purpose..haha.. somehow even if u wan to die or so sad until wan to kill urself, there alway tml there alway something tat pull u back frm the abyss of mmisery.. becoz something will lead u to the purpose of life..
maybe u havent found it now.. maybe u nv find it in the past.. but hey u gt to find it somehow.. u just march on in ur life
u see ur life.. dun u see alot of frens, dun u see ur family.. even if u sad n moody n watever mood u haf, they alway support u

let find our purpose in our llife.. let dun let down ur frens n family..

hmmMMmM.. ppl alway haf his or her moods.. let them cool down..=)

haha..why gals like competent guy? >.< herbalist affairs... why every1 like erhui??.. is becoz he is gd at doing things.. n a wondeful guy or becoz he really show his concern for u
why zhenlong cannt chase his dream to b in the carribean.. cannt dun do business..??? haiz

Friday, August 06, 2004

my wish, my dreams, my ambition

My dream:
i dream to meet u
i dream to love u
i dream to hate u
i dream to bring u on a love journey that we nv return frm
i dream to care for u
i dream to embrace u
i dream to make u happy
i dream to make u tink u r the luckiest gal in the world

My wish:

i wish i dun withdraw into my world but i m
i wish i dun b so passive that i m fearful of every1 but i m
i wish i dun b such a loser that i did nt achieve anything but i m
i wish i dun sit in front of computer writing this but i m
i wish i can have more topics to tok to ppl but i dun have
i wish i can b more talkative but i m nt
i wish i dun feel lonely but i m
i wish i can b the old jincai that is more cheerful n crappy n haf ppl scoldimg me for crappy n nonsense=)

MY ambition:
To be a person who is not me

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

hmm a new beginning?

well i m 'gone' for a few days

dun tok to netfrens at all..

play gb all the time

conclude a few things..:==> i m too dependent le.. cannt put feelings into things tat cannt b reciprociated..

well.... oso find out a few things..

guess i m losing u... guess i nv in ur heart at all

hehe.. watching soccer now..

life is full of everything yet emptied of everything.. somehow u haf to do something to fill in the everything..

wat ur life will b is how u make ur life to b=)