Friday, August 04, 2006

life so simple?

sianz.. now is like 3 am in the morning.. n i cant sleep.. keep thinking of wad to do after ord..

say will find job.. buy job easy to find mehz? i wonder abt it.

now my studies are on hold... 9 modules of CAT..

still awaiting the stupid membership number which willl allow me to take exams..

hmm CAT gt a few writen exams tat could onli be taken at dec or probably may..

sad.. cant reali clear everything in a row..

i nt so capable.. hopefully by end 2007 i can complete CAT and go for ACCA..

okie about my local uni studies.. hmm i will apply again in feb which is so far
hopefully can go in lo

euff abt studies...

lack of money cause me lose confidence in myselff.. hmm i cant reali have much money to spend on myself.
work work work
i really nid to work.. pls let me ease easily into transition frm nsf to work

now relationships is a big fat zero.. ahh so boring..

hmm 2 more mths to clear leave..

138 days more to orD!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

when can i have the money to learn driving?

oh today take ftt.. heng heng pass.. nv really study..still blur blur on some concepts.. but who cares.. pass liao lo

pass ftt.. nxt target finish my ntu biz n finance cert.. sian alot to learn

tiring wor

hmm long time nv blog

actually nth much.. mon tues just walk aimlessly.. do work chiong chiong..

wed duty.. long time nv do duty.. do until abit frustrated.. haha.. but still ok la

haha gt time to noe a new gal.. melissa.. childcare teacher.. 24.. gif me her hp num.. tink she nt uup to any gd..

another mlm gal?-_-

die... anyway i too tired of gals..
where amelia, lijun, grace, chienwen, minmin?
arghh longntime nv tok

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

feel plain

now i suddenly tinking whether i shd register for eam in aug 23.. very stress lei

22 days more

now i look at the acct book

like alot to learn

die die die

hmm i envy my frens who can go study

when can i go study?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

i lost my hair

so long nv blog..

today is aug 30.. 2 days to aug..

a mth of suffering

becoz i gt lots of things going on
aug 3=> ftt
aug 23=> acct exm

still gt army commitments..
faster finsih lei

i feel heartbroken.. no gals like me
haizzzzzzz... tat why i shd lose hair.. go see my frenster/msn to see my latest look