Friday, August 04, 2006

life so simple?

sianz.. now is like 3 am in the morning.. n i cant sleep.. keep thinking of wad to do after ord..

say will find job.. buy job easy to find mehz? i wonder abt it.

now my studies are on hold... 9 modules of CAT..

still awaiting the stupid membership number which willl allow me to take exams..

hmm CAT gt a few writen exams tat could onli be taken at dec or probably may..

sad.. cant reali clear everything in a row..

i nt so capable.. hopefully by end 2007 i can complete CAT and go for ACCA..

okie about my local uni studies.. hmm i will apply again in feb which is so far
hopefully can go in lo

euff abt studies...

lack of money cause me lose confidence in myselff.. hmm i cant reali have much money to spend on myself.
work work work
i really nid to work.. pls let me ease easily into transition frm nsf to work

now relationships is a big fat zero.. ahh so boring..

hmm 2 more mths to clear leave..

138 days more to orD!!

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