Thursday, August 03, 2006

when can i have the money to learn driving?

oh today take ftt.. heng heng pass.. nv really study..still blur blur on some concepts.. but who cares.. pass liao lo

pass ftt.. nxt target finish my ntu biz n finance cert.. sian alot to learn

tiring wor

hmm long time nv blog

actually nth much.. mon tues just walk aimlessly.. do work chiong chiong..

wed duty.. long time nv do duty.. do until abit frustrated.. haha.. but still ok la

haha gt time to noe a new gal.. melissa.. childcare teacher.. 24.. gif me her hp num.. tink she nt uup to any gd..

another mlm gal?-_-

die... anyway i too tired of gals..
where amelia, lijun, grace, chienwen, minmin?
arghh longntime nv tok

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