Saturday, April 01, 2006

wei jincai dun gif up on life yet!

i know i cant get anything in my life..
i born poor
yet i gt ambition
i wan light up my life
but somehow i just dun haf the fuel...
3 yrs in poly.. very slack.. yet damaging to my future
wonder if i choose wrong route of life.
but wta iis done was done..
i haf to soldier on..
i always gt competitive spirit..
i m nt smart
i nt even gd..
i just depend on luck..
i guess my luck has ru out...
my porud mentality does not let me gif up.. does nt wan me cower in fear of failure.. i hate failing.. i dun like to fail.. no matter in life.. i just wan to chieve watever i can..
sometime i tink i love to take the safe route.. so tat i wu face failure.
now i taken the first steps towards the sea.. hope i dun drown in it..
taking certificate in biz n finance..
applying for uni.. offering the chance of failure n rejection to god.
applying for driving basic theory, knowing i a cock person...
i wan take big steps toward a big future..
no risk, no gain~

how should i do now? no money.. no life... sumore my father is getting old..
my siblings going to uni... i dun wan to be burden,,,
i can and will succeed in life..
mother i wun make u disappointed..
failure will mean too much for me


Thursday, March 30, 2006

off day

wonder why i feel so empty today..
went out with grace
feel so tired oso
duno wad went over mi ba..
just cannt brng out the mood in me
now i feel so sian liao.
tired of stupid life
wonder wad i going to do in 1 yr time

i very nt confident abt myself..
why i cant go into uni
it maybe the first time i gg to fail in my stupid life?
maybe the first time i deserve to fail?
i think that is wad i deserve to be so slack for past 1 yr in poly
getting a D in java n fyp
stupid me
nv tink of future
now i suffering
i guess i can nv forgive myself

but this is just a stupid test to me n my life
i guess i haf to overcome
but saying is easy
doing is difficult

i feel friendless
all my frens going into uni
while i stuck here in quagmire.
stuck in this mud tat i nv get off..
i feel so dirty
i feel so unaaccomplished.

will i still have my frens,my happiness next yr?

lazy to blog but still here anyway

hmm.. so tired today.. i tink i almost slp all the way today..
duno why sia..
maybe i deserve some rest ..
so i decide take off..
on thurs..
tired =(
i feel like zombie..
but i still awake now..

i jus register for basic theory..
chiong ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..
tests tests i love tests..
sian i nv apply for alevel
becoz tink i cannt cope


Monday, March 27, 2006


i gt 8mths plus to ord..
ntu results coming out soon next wk.. i tink
i hope i can go in

if nt den how?

i duno how le..
i feel depressed
very tired this wkend
duno wad to do ..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

alevel as a private?

i think i will go take alevels as a private candidate?

my sis encourage me

i tink i can make it
but who knows

maybe my disclpine nt euff
den caannnot liao

tired sia..
osos tink will go for driving lesson soon..
haha first take thory tests first
maybe get le den tink of driving

now i learning cert in biz n finance..
very tough
alot of calculation
si bei sianz
but can cope la


ahh later the yr may go take acca yr 1 lesson
tat 1 tougher
duno wan to take arnot