Saturday, April 01, 2006

wei jincai dun gif up on life yet!

i know i cant get anything in my life..
i born poor
yet i gt ambition
i wan light up my life
but somehow i just dun haf the fuel...
3 yrs in poly.. very slack.. yet damaging to my future
wonder if i choose wrong route of life.
but wta iis done was done..
i haf to soldier on..
i always gt competitive spirit..
i m nt smart
i nt even gd..
i just depend on luck..
i guess my luck has ru out...
my porud mentality does not let me gif up.. does nt wan me cower in fear of failure.. i hate failing.. i dun like to fail.. no matter in life.. i just wan to chieve watever i can..
sometime i tink i love to take the safe route.. so tat i wu face failure.
now i taken the first steps towards the sea.. hope i dun drown in it..
taking certificate in biz n finance..
applying for uni.. offering the chance of failure n rejection to god.
applying for driving basic theory, knowing i a cock person...
i wan take big steps toward a big future..
no risk, no gain~

how should i do now? no money.. no life... sumore my father is getting old..
my siblings going to uni... i dun wan to be burden,,,
i can and will succeed in life..
mother i wun make u disappointed..
failure will mean too much for me


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