Thursday, March 30, 2006

off day

wonder why i feel so empty today..
went out with grace
feel so tired oso
duno wad went over mi ba..
just cannt brng out the mood in me
now i feel so sian liao.
tired of stupid life
wonder wad i going to do in 1 yr time

i very nt confident abt myself..
why i cant go into uni
it maybe the first time i gg to fail in my stupid life?
maybe the first time i deserve to fail?
i think that is wad i deserve to be so slack for past 1 yr in poly
getting a D in java n fyp
stupid me
nv tink of future
now i suffering
i guess i can nv forgive myself

but this is just a stupid test to me n my life
i guess i haf to overcome
but saying is easy
doing is difficult

i feel friendless
all my frens going into uni
while i stuck here in quagmire.
stuck in this mud tat i nv get off..
i feel so dirty
i feel so unaaccomplished.

will i still have my frens,my happiness next yr?

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