Saturday, September 25, 2004

i feel old

i feeL damn depressed Now..

ask u 1 qn

will u still remember me 6 mth frm now?

i wun b online everyday..

i wun noe wat happens in ur life everyday

i cannt understand y u react like this react like tat..

weekend is nt euff for ppl to understand all this..

once close netfrens will become distant

all we shared memories could b just memmories tat we can savour together but nv get to relive again

all these crapping all these teasing.. doesnt it sound fun when it last..

but it does nt happen easily, it happen when 2 person get to noe each other well.. n when they r fated to noe each oTHer

hope i can still b a part of ur life n u caN b a part of my life in a few mth

buT... it will b hard.. i haf seen proof..

i will noe more thing n more evidence sOOn!!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

gals eat me alive


i zhu ding bei nu ren qi fu..


come n deceive me..

den i very serious n ask after u, u say u just pulling my leg..

hmmmmm boring life.. 27 days to NS.. bday ah..10 more days bahz

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

a raining day n 29 days to NS

haha.. i siao liao.. counting NS enlistment day.. ppl alreadi keep on reminding me liao..=x kaoz.. i noe i laugh at u all abt uur enlistments..

same old day.. raining whole day.. online all day lo.. hah nth special happen to me.. i m rotting.. maybe i should go learn frm my fren to go read n read.. he crazy ~!~!

hmm 1 netfren bday.. i alway can only do this few tricks.


1) say hapi bday on the dot of 12 or at least after 12

2) send yahoo greeting..

3) send midi hapi bday.. i like it becoz it sound soulful on piano.. hope every1 like it

4) present.. wat present i can send online..haha..

5) announce it on msn..=x

hmm i tink i haf say hapi bday to most of my netfrens liao... all noe at least 1 yr liao mahz..horhor.. gt 1 person hapi bday soon.. n last yr i gt say hapi bday to her..say twice to her..omg

so long frenship~!~!~!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i hate life

hmm.. just spend a normal day online.. yea going to watch liverpool vs man u later in the nite with my frens.. now all sleeping..-.-.. i also sleepy.. haiz

duno why i feel so lost these days.. no aim no life no motivation.. n personallly a few netfrens nv reply me.. make me feel so frustrated.. hmm getting less n less involved in other ppl life.. arghh.. dun wan tink dun wan see dun wan to tink of her

Monday, September 20, 2004

blah 0-0 draw

haha.. 0-0 draw.. nt bad la.. at least arsenal still ahead..

hehe.. just now the manager of chelsea very funny sia..lolx.. say wat the opp team manager alway say abt his team last season..wahaha.. lolx.. quote " they r nt there to play football.. they just defend n defend.."

haha.. so funny.lolx

hmm monday.. duno why nv blue liao..haha.. hapi person dun blue.. i guess..

today is sept 20.. 1 mth frm now i will b inside tekong.. miss u all

Sunday, September 19, 2004

i just wan to play soccer everyday every moment


today the crunch clash... cool.. we thrash NS guys 4-1 although i did nt score any goals.. haha.. but fun la.. becoz previous warmup match i warm up with a hat trick.. but sad now becoz arsenal drew.. no 100% perfect record.. i hope hotspur will score 1-0 win over chelsea

soccer is fun.. the ppure joy of doing tricks n outsmarting ur opponents..haha.. but ah no speed.. if nt i tink i wioll b a very gd soccer player..

i wish i wish to play soccer every moment.. let this dominate my life... life is full of squares.. u allow how many percentage of which square dominate ur life is how u gona make urself better n hapi

very tired now..sleeping n sleeping.. life is so complex.. but yet so simple..

i must tell myself to look forward n outward.. dun b squeezed into a tiny little square.. who like to b constrained..

so erm good riddance to whoever hurt me.. no more treasuring things tat do not treasure mysself:P