Saturday, September 25, 2004

i feel old

i feeL damn depressed Now..

ask u 1 qn

will u still remember me 6 mth frm now?

i wun b online everyday..

i wun noe wat happens in ur life everyday

i cannt understand y u react like this react like tat..

weekend is nt euff for ppl to understand all this..

once close netfrens will become distant

all we shared memories could b just memmories tat we can savour together but nv get to relive again

all these crapping all these teasing.. doesnt it sound fun when it last..

but it does nt happen easily, it happen when 2 person get to noe each other well.. n when they r fated to noe each oTHer

hope i can still b a part of ur life n u caN b a part of my life in a few mth

buT... it will b hard.. i haf seen proof..

i will noe more thing n more evidence sOOn!!

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Mysticman said...

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