Sunday, September 19, 2004

i just wan to play soccer everyday every moment


today the crunch clash... cool.. we thrash NS guys 4-1 although i did nt score any goals.. haha.. but fun la.. becoz previous warmup match i warm up with a hat trick.. but sad now becoz arsenal drew.. no 100% perfect record.. i hope hotspur will score 1-0 win over chelsea

soccer is fun.. the ppure joy of doing tricks n outsmarting ur opponents..haha.. but ah no speed.. if nt i tink i wioll b a very gd soccer player..

i wish i wish to play soccer every moment.. let this dominate my life... life is full of squares.. u allow how many percentage of which square dominate ur life is how u gona make urself better n hapi

very tired now..sleeping n sleeping.. life is so complex.. but yet so simple..

i must tell myself to look forward n outward.. dun b squeezed into a tiny little square.. who like to b constrained..

so erm good riddance to whoever hurt me.. no more treasuring things tat do not treasure mysself:P

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