Wednesday, September 22, 2004

a raining day n 29 days to NS

haha.. i siao liao.. counting NS enlistment day.. ppl alreadi keep on reminding me liao..=x kaoz.. i noe i laugh at u all abt uur enlistments..

same old day.. raining whole day.. online all day lo.. hah nth special happen to me.. i m rotting.. maybe i should go learn frm my fren to go read n read.. he crazy ~!~!

hmm 1 netfren bday.. i alway can only do this few tricks.


1) say hapi bday on the dot of 12 or at least after 12

2) send yahoo greeting..

3) send midi hapi bday.. i like it becoz it sound soulful on piano.. hope every1 like it

4) present.. wat present i can send online..haha..

5) announce it on msn..=x

hmm i tink i haf say hapi bday to most of my netfrens liao... all noe at least 1 yr liao mahz..horhor.. gt 1 person hapi bday soon.. n last yr i gt say hapi bday to her..say twice to her..omg

so long frenship~!~!~!

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