Wednesday, October 06, 2004


nothing to write.. so above title

sian few day... today is wed 6 oct.. 2 wk more to D-day..

tink i going to continue blog inside tekong..

gb sux.. crazy 1.. nv record gp correctly 1.. i benn eaten so many gp..-.-.. still abt a few hundred to level upp.. eh where my wand dream?-.-".. i reali tink i sux liao.. last time when i gt a goal, i will chiong n chiong until i reach the goal.. even if i dun chiong, tat thing will come naturally to me.. alamak.. m i being too complacent or wat.. wat i aim for nv happen 1.. too many yrs in poly has spoilt me.. where my spirit where my fire..last time when i do things, i alway win... becoz i very competitive.. now? i sux.. a big turtle

uhh.. i become more quiet... nice lehz.. training to b a ping fan ren inside ns..the stand in middle guy

hmm ppl ard me oso become more quiet le..zZzZzzzZZ..

m i leading a quiet life frm now?

M i going to live a life with no aim, motivation N NO life..==> my fren msn nick

brrr.. eh do proj dun b stress.. becoz it nt the end of the world..ppl r nt selfish.. bt ppl tend to protect their interests first..

i wan to jump frm my building.. i wan restart my life... i wan to relive

Monday, October 04, 2004

thank u hoshi

thank u for ur happi bday comment.. i now then see..oso saw ur blog.. wow my bday same as ur fren.. lolx.. but ur fren so lucky 1.. still gt a muackz. n huggies.=(..

eh life nt a bitch la.. n eh dun sound so down...cheers up..

yesterday my birthday..

lolx.. totally gloomy sunday..-.-wake up late den see sky so black..=(.. my birthday is so gloomy.. wat will b ahead of me ??? haiz.. reali getting depressed when i see the day coming soon..

wake up ard 12.. woken by sms..=x... saying i beta dun slpping now.. but i m.. oops

den sian sian see sky.. black.. totally no mood to see lian jiejie..hee.. paisehz.. n then my father called to tell me to help him in work.. sian... wasted my afternoon.. but i very surprised to seee my lunch= kfc ultimate chicken..muahaha.. my sisters buy for me 1.. ty ty...being ur korkor gt privleges although i dun reali gif u stuff n gift.. bad korkor..=P.. den nite come back after pizza hut.. the otah pizzaa.. wow.. fastfood birthday lunch n dinner..lolx..haha.. it must b becoz i keep on saying tat thing look gd on tv den they so nice buy for

=( finally thank u to those who wished me hapi bday.. haha.. be it belated or wat..=P.. many belated.. ty to those who send hapi bday msg n nice picturemsg frm eug

n finally thank for this msg " hey birthday boy! go where play now? haha.. birthday on sunday good or not? got girls date u out or not? hahahaha"

it totally make my day...-__-"
oo n thanks to those who mention me in thier blog.. wow at least gt a name in ur entries..
oo thanks to peishan for making my name big big in the bluedome channel
oo thank to those who gif me presents.. n thank to those who nv gif me presents
wow.. so many thanks

Sunday, October 03, 2004

today is 20th birthday...

eh bday is like every bday.. quiet as alway... but this yr more quieter.. becoz frens all inside le..

nv receive hapi bday sms.. but guys mahz.. we dun really do this stuff..

but hmm netfrens dun haf oso.. so i tink tat is tat lo...

dun reali advertise my bday like last yr..haha.. becoz last yr is first yr i celebrate it online mahz..=P

eh sianz liao.. dun wan tink it is my bday.. n when looking to the NS date.. i more n more depressed..

awww.. frm all evidence, i will go into xiong company.....everything will b strict.. i will change i tink...

change to wat? i duno.. bt based on this evidence i will really surprised to find me online at all next year..

hope tat every1 live well.. n hope i will b hapi n contented inside NS.. tat my bday wish.. ahaha.. some1 say shouldnt say bday wish out becoz it wun then come true..

bt seriously i hope this wish come true.. yea yea..

miss u all