Wednesday, October 06, 2004


nothing to write.. so above title

sian few day... today is wed 6 oct.. 2 wk more to D-day..

tink i going to continue blog inside tekong..

gb sux.. crazy 1.. nv record gp correctly 1.. i benn eaten so many gp..-.-.. still abt a few hundred to level upp.. eh where my wand dream?-.-".. i reali tink i sux liao.. last time when i gt a goal, i will chiong n chiong until i reach the goal.. even if i dun chiong, tat thing will come naturally to me.. alamak.. m i being too complacent or wat.. wat i aim for nv happen 1.. too many yrs in poly has spoilt me.. where my spirit where my fire..last time when i do things, i alway win... becoz i very competitive.. now? i sux.. a big turtle

uhh.. i become more quiet... nice lehz.. training to b a ping fan ren inside ns..the stand in middle guy

hmm ppl ard me oso become more quiet le..zZzZzzzZZ..

m i leading a quiet life frm now?

M i going to live a life with no aim, motivation N NO life..==> my fren msn nick

brrr.. eh do proj dun b stress.. becoz it nt the end of the world..ppl r nt selfish.. bt ppl tend to protect their interests first..

i wan to jump frm my building.. i wan restart my life... i wan to relive

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