Sunday, October 03, 2004

today is 20th birthday...

eh bday is like every bday.. quiet as alway... but this yr more quieter.. becoz frens all inside le..

nv receive hapi bday sms.. but guys mahz.. we dun really do this stuff..

but hmm netfrens dun haf oso.. so i tink tat is tat lo...

dun reali advertise my bday like last yr..haha.. becoz last yr is first yr i celebrate it online mahz..=P

eh sianz liao.. dun wan tink it is my bday.. n when looking to the NS date.. i more n more depressed..

awww.. frm all evidence, i will go into xiong company.....everything will b strict.. i will change i tink...

change to wat? i duno.. bt based on this evidence i will really surprised to find me online at all next year..

hope tat every1 live well.. n hope i will b hapi n contented inside NS.. tat my bday wish.. ahaha.. some1 say shouldnt say bday wish out becoz it wun then come true..

bt seriously i hope this wish come true.. yea yea..

miss u all

1 comment:

JuN said...

Happy Birthday.. din have the chance to wish u .... so here ... Happy birthday to u... =)