Saturday, October 02, 2004

ATTituDe ppl r VeRI irritatinG


today i so suay.. see so manygals who r obvioously nt in gd mood

o.o the first 1... she actually scold bad word to me lehz...-.-"

so violent

the second 1.. ppl hao xin go ask her relax.. she alway bz mahz.. n ignore ppl 1.. while her erm clasmate very relax play gb:P.... n the other 1 erm look free on msn.. n nt so fierce like the BZ gal when i tok to her

kaoz.. irritating when ppl go keep arghh n go crazy.. n ask me to go look for other ppl chat.. wat so big deal with grades.. even if u Get all Bs in poly, u will haf chnace to go into uni 1... now uni very open to poly grad..BOO

Hehe the third 1 no attitude to me la.. gt warn me.. but she so quiet..LOL

poly is stress meh.. now i tink i feel so relaxed tat time.. i still can score lots of B.. i still rmemeber when i do proj, i still msg away with using msn.. n in sch keep on irc n so on.. yawn.. relax la


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