Wednesday, September 29, 2004

erM I hope i will Forget ppl

haha.. today is wed 29th sept==> CW enlistment day.. gd luck to him..n thank him for giving me a expensive nt bad la.. you xin.. something to remember u by..wahaha.. beside tat 29 yr old gal.

hmm.. monday spend whole day at WWW.. get wet n wet n wet... play many rides.. but only the slide up is very interesting.. n dangerous.. when i play for first time.. haha.. my face turn white....=x.. it is damn scary.. no protection sia.. if overturn.. sure hurt badly.. den play other rides.. haha.. must haf play a dozen times.. in the end.. leg turn wiggly.. climb up so many stairs.. n still haf to walk in the strong current in the shiok river. duno how to swim mahz haf to walk..:'(

interesting n fun day. nice to spend it woith frens

haha.. tuesday.. rot at home.. but whole day slp.. becoz gloomy.. no mood play com..

hMM.. WHEN fRENship turn into memories.. i tink is becoz of less chat less seeing each other.. so we will become memories..haiz..

arghh.. duno is becoz i saw them in real life.. n then i feel hard to tok to them.. or they find it hard to tok to me.. hmm getting less n less courageous toking to them.. so hard to tok.. n they dun let me haf a meaningful conversation with them..most of the time i m laming ard....

hmm tink they will forget me..they dun feel a need to at least chat with me.. or wanting to noe how i doing.. haiz.. is alway i intiate conversation.. i noe they bz.. but lolx.. frenship will become memories when we get less familair with each other

forget n forget

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