Saturday, April 07, 2007

easter friday

hmm easter le.. apr le.. time goes fast

hmm now i blogging at so late le.. tml still gt work.

seriously no life here.. studying my t7 for the whole day.. but somehow nth goes in

still gt 1 mth exams le .. scary

olvl exams coming soon

i hope i do well
i hope my life will be smooth..

i tired of difficult life

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

sony job

new mth new start

april le.. it been 4 mth since i ord.. still havent achieve much,.. bank havent yet 1 k yet.. so sian..

wad to do?

start new job in sony..

veri tired these few days.. keep ot.. work till 8 plus as need to help in closing accounts..

i no wonder whether i m suited for accounts.. abit headache to keep look at figures..

hais but wad else can i do..

my IT skills nt tat zai to earn big bucks..

accounting my onli way oout

unless i went to engineerring in ntu or further study in uol business

i wan study business in deg lvl lei.. bbut no money

acca i also wan

m i being too greedy...

anyway yeah feeling gd in cAT.. hoping to pass all... n then go into acca in coming july