Saturday, March 25, 2006

2 days of intense war planning

thursday n friday is war planning exercise.. lolz.. trapped in tat room for so long..sian.. miss my home sia....
nth much..
onli 1 special moment capture mi..
our rsm tok to us when he freen 1 tme..
he tok abt ur experiences and mottos..
quite meaningful
his motto " live without regret"
it shall be my motto too..
i wan go everywhere in the world
i wan see the worldddddd
i too narrow minded in this small world..
tired of the world

hmm tml meeting with chenwei.. he go see indina gals over last mth
wonder how he
haha..=) no life no life no life

Monday, March 20, 2006

i miss her touch

i miss her toucch
miss her touch on my arm
i love the way she touched my arm
the way she hold my arm..
the way she tok
the determined eyes
the spirit
the way she spoke of her hopes..
but too bad she just another personn who just hanker after ..