Saturday, September 03, 2005

3 sept

lol wkend had come.. my mc had ended

just now saw a show on ch 8 abt the brave ppl who had come through adversities n live profile a wife whose husband suddenly went mad n killed his son.. he is undergoing depression tat time.. n then he commit suicide upon noeing wat he had done..

hmm a single day.. she lost two of her dearest person.. n noeing the fact is her husband took away all these.. this is a huge blow to any1... she took time to reover.. n telling herself there r worse ppl with worse fate than her.. she finali succeeded in getting her life back.. her grief still remain.. but she continue to live on in memory for her husband n son..

lol.. tears alway accompanied her through those two terrible yrs after her son n husband died.. the memories alway tortured her..
but she lived on..

hmm sad hor.. alway so sad to see dearest ppl to die so early at young age

i a person who oso gone through tat

i understand tat truly

it is a unexpected loss

1 nite

n then she is gone

gone frm my life forever

i miss her terribly

i reali tink of her everyday
n how she will support me

i lost my crutches..
i lost my mum
ppl had survived n lived on with their grief

but why havent i?
why cant i do something with my life

no 1 understand me...

1 more mth.. i m 21.. will she b happy?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

why kelly nv win?

hmm today is sept 1.. hapi teacher days..


n this is superstar day..
frm 730 i watch till 11

no doubt the production team has done a great job.. lolx.. these 5 mth i tink they earn quite alot of money.. this is a well planned franchise.. so gd ^^

lol..sad lei kelly nv win but in the end xinhui oso nv win.. so hmm this show tat ppl who put in effort does nt realli alway come first???

talent and effort does nt equal to success??

loll but in the end this is showbiz.. logic does nt really apply here..

hmm still quite upset abt the result..

but i guess this is just showbiz..

life still goes on..

hmm i hope to b first oso

but i cant seem to find my niche

kelly xinhui jia you

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

i wish i had died at tat day 4th may 2001


duno why
dun ask me why

why i say tat date

for this four yrs i lived since tat day

iit is filled with so much pain

so much frustration

under all these smile

under my easygoing personality

lie a guy deeply scarred by a loss

deeply scarred by the events tat had happened since

a lost soul searching for happiness

i cant deny i m fortunate

i cant deny i haf such gd luck to noe gd frens.. chee chun chenwei weelung tony najib alvin waichuan.. cailian chienwen .. help me with alot of stuff.. let me walk through this 4 yr with abit of happiness.. a taste of happiness tat i alway searching fo

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

blog chain

lol.. duno why i so wuliao to continue this blog chain.. but since it is passed to me by 1 of the nicest gal i ever noe in my life.. i shall continue it wor.. haha

in this chain i m supposed to write abt my five most weird habits? n gotta nominate five more person to continue this chain


five weird habits

1) whenever i was free at home, i will auto switch on my com... den on my msn to check for certain ppl whether they r online(usuali ppl la) n den on 933 to listen to music.. if gt.. usuali i will go disturb them. if dun haf den go to wholivenearu or frenster.. (weird hor.. so no life.. tot guys like my age should b out clubbing or walk or playing soccer or basketball with frens)

2) i usually will sms many ppl when i m bored.. if they reply.. if nt i will resms until they reply..
usually i will sms chienwen or cailian first...

3) i duno why i alway can doze off still wearing my specs n i usually like to listen to my mp3player to slp.. still wearing it to slp wor

4) i duno why i can daydream of different gals..

5) Every sunday i would like to have the special $2 nasi lemak for breakfast..hee,, nv change.. for wkday alway eat toast or coffee or noodles with coffee

for frens.. i nominaate cailian, chienwen, amelia, yanping,lijun

1 wk mc

now is my fourth day of my mc.. nt bad la..

i tink i will wan mc everyday.. rest at home so shiok
listen to my fav 933

but ah
still haf to face the reality of work la..

sian.. my teeth still pain lei.. uncomfortable.. no wonder gt 1 wk mc... still havent recover fully..


saw jasmine aka weilin. haha.. she ah.. smoking at small mac at tampines.. notti notti.. say she notice me.. but somehow i dun tink so la.. haha.. dun dare approach him becoz of my face1!!!

very swollen..

weilin one of the gal i noe longest but somehow we cant haf many topics to tok

maybe becoz she lian lian ba..

hmm but i like her quite alot

quite cool n pretty