Thursday, September 01, 2005

why kelly nv win?

hmm today is sept 1.. hapi teacher days..


n this is superstar day..
frm 730 i watch till 11

no doubt the production team has done a great job.. lolx.. these 5 mth i tink they earn quite alot of money.. this is a well planned franchise.. so gd ^^

lol..sad lei kelly nv win but in the end xinhui oso nv win.. so hmm this show tat ppl who put in effort does nt realli alway come first???

talent and effort does nt equal to success??

loll but in the end this is showbiz.. logic does nt really apply here..

hmm still quite upset abt the result..

but i guess this is just showbiz..

life still goes on..

hmm i hope to b first oso

but i cant seem to find my niche

kelly xinhui jia you

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