Tuesday, August 30, 2005

blog chain

lol.. duno why i so wuliao to continue this blog chain.. but since it is passed to me by 1 of the nicest gal i ever noe in my life.. i shall continue it wor.. haha

in this chain i m supposed to write abt my five most weird habits? n gotta nominate five more person to continue this chain


five weird habits

1) whenever i was free at home, i will auto switch on my com... den on my msn to check for certain ppl whether they r online(usuali ppl la) n den on 933 to listen to music.. if gt.. usuali i will go disturb them. if dun haf den go to wholivenearu or frenster.. (weird hor.. so no life.. tot guys like my age should b out clubbing or walk or playing soccer or basketball with frens)

2) i usually will sms many ppl when i m bored.. if they reply.. if nt i will resms until they reply..
usually i will sms chienwen or cailian first...

3) i duno why i alway can doze off still wearing my specs n i usually like to listen to my mp3player to slp.. still wearing it to slp wor

4) i duno why i can daydream of different gals..

5) Every sunday i would like to have the special $2 nasi lemak for breakfast..hee,, nv change.. for wkday alway eat toast or coffee or noodles with coffee

for frens.. i nominaate cailian, chienwen, amelia, yanping,lijun


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