Friday, July 02, 2004

drained of energy, life


i dun find energy to explore life le.. haiz

duno y these few days ppl keep saying i nt myself..lolx..wat is myself btw??= =

today is just the same.. btw gb is up.. so nice to haf something to play with

CHILD HOPE... hai you mingtian.. i catch every esposide.. i tink the story line very gd.. all the problems r so real n should b faced with some nan xing character say he cannt let go of the past... i personally tink ya every1 gt his/her past, y should they let go??

hehe.. i sotz sotz le.. can any1 help me?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

gong day.. feel sick.. still haf to suffer the humiliation of "so"

arghh.. i tink i sick le today.. duno why online at 11am.. den feel so tired.. eyes cannt focus.. head giddy..alway like wanna fall down tink the worst is over.. but i dun tink i tio fever or wat

i tink i tio computer sickness.. the sickness gotten frm overusing com..haiz..

stare at com tink gt 10 hr per day.. no wonder tio it..

haiz..duno la.. will stay up to watch portugal vs holland.. wun miss it.. i die oso will watch 1..hehe

i still haf some unresolved issues to solve.. i so tired

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

i dun wanna tok

lolx.. now is 215 am wednesday.. few day nv uplate blog.. but now come n write.haha

erm first ting i must say: gb sux n pls b up soon

2) no gb, so i go play fairyland..

haiz.. alot of thing i learnt frm fairyland..

actually i very gong
nt suitable to play intelligent games.. maybe i nt smart euff bahz..
response slow too
everything so lousy..haiz

i conclude the reasons for my degradtion : is my long time of nt using brain.. i just life is just a empty road for me to walk on..

walk walk walk walk.. walk until can meet some1.. meet some1 who can brighten my life..lolx

really no mood to tok to some of netfrens le.. duno lehz.. maybe it just ..... my moods bahz

hehe.. actually i like to listen to ppl problems.. it make me feel tat i m nt the only person with problems.. i can try help them feel better.. bt i could nt help them solve problem.. it depend on them bahz..maybe that is my skill bahz..

so sian frenster no ppl write testimonial for me liao.. haha.. tink i disappear in their life bahz

Sunday, June 27, 2004

so sad hor.. my laopo is blind... need a transplant

gone for 3 days..lolx

becoz of my com spoil
3 days gone.. online life still the sianz

after 3 days gone w/o internet? wat had i learnt?

1)i finally completed my books i borrowed within 1 day

2)suddenly loved to sms.. kaoz.. must haf sent abt 100 a day..tsk tsk

hmm sat afternoon finally see my gd fren chee chun out of ns for the first time.. quite hapi to see him.. told me alot of thing abt ns

actually frm wat he said, i concluded ns is actually a extended stay in a nice island resort minus the hair n freedom

so nice of him to get a sea view n see aeroplanes
haf a single bed of his own
food sumptuous==> 4 vegetables n 1 soup + 1 dessert or fruit, 3 meals.. still gt supper snack..

segerant nt tat fierce bt must toe the line

still gt relaxation n amusement

days will b spent fast there

haha.. i wan go ns.=x