Sunday, June 27, 2004

so sad hor.. my laopo is blind... need a transplant

gone for 3 days..lolx

becoz of my com spoil
3 days gone.. online life still the sianz

after 3 days gone w/o internet? wat had i learnt?

1)i finally completed my books i borrowed within 1 day

2)suddenly loved to sms.. kaoz.. must haf sent abt 100 a day..tsk tsk

hmm sat afternoon finally see my gd fren chee chun out of ns for the first time.. quite hapi to see him.. told me alot of thing abt ns

actually frm wat he said, i concluded ns is actually a extended stay in a nice island resort minus the hair n freedom

so nice of him to get a sea view n see aeroplanes
haf a single bed of his own
food sumptuous==> 4 vegetables n 1 soup + 1 dessert or fruit, 3 meals.. still gt supper snack..

segerant nt tat fierce bt must toe the line

still gt relaxation n amusement

days will b spent fast there

haha.. i wan go ns.=x

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