Saturday, April 15, 2006

hmm smu interview,,,,,,,~~~

i lazy o summarize wad goes on in smu interview..
basically gt 4 rds of qns
1st is article reading n analysis
2nd why smu
3rd is estimation qn
4th isworkig together in grp n solving a riddle..

hmm i duno la.. i feel gd abt the interview mainly thanks to the gd wishes frm frens n net frens..
veri sincere thanks to amelia, cailian, chee chun, chenwei who went down smu with me..
alot ppl wish me gd luck.. thanks..
with them, i gain confidence..
hopefully i impress the interviews and secure place in smu..
hmm seriously smu is like a poly..
ssstudy n go ..~~
hmm duno whether is gd arnot?
should uni comprise living together n studying together, morning rush to class in slipper den rush back to hostel?
or in smu, dress up, take mrt, rush to sch, take lesson, after lesson, go to nearest shopping mall, or go home?
seriously i prefer wad kind of education le?
i seriously dun wan to contemplate..
ntu faster come lei..i wan ntu~~

hmm this wk outfield.. atec lei.. sians..
must do well
den gt long break

Friday, April 14, 2006

smu interview -- 150406 --

happie gd friday to u all, christians n all frens..

raining n raining

quite boring

me morning come back frm duty.. contemplating wad to wear...
prepare le..

den now wan prepare for the essay n qn n watever i can prepare for..

but somehow i duno lei..
i duno where to start

its reali just ermmmm a thing tat ic ant read bookss on, cant revise...

how can i revise?

die le la..
how to impress the interviewees..
i wan to go into smu..
i wan go ino smu

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

smu interview on 15 apr 2006

uh.. smu.. afternn call me.. quite shock.. offer me interview to a course called bach in information sys..
wtf.. i mena,.,, i dun even know wad course is that..
cant go into biz, acct
guess i too lousy
wad to do?
study or no study
i see the website like the course quite interesting..
hmm but deal with IT lei
super sianz IT
anyway sat gg to haf interview
will do my best
cannt go in den is nt fated liao
i nt fated to go uni.. i guess?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


where my life~!~!?

haha.. sat mrning wake up damn early at 6.... den go marsiling..
go singapore american school.. join a grp of volunteers.. with chee chun n wlung..
lol.. we quite shy there..they ask us to be more cheerful n active.. we sit in bus den go savh(singapore association of visually impaired).. we r supposed to be the guide for them to move ard.. hmm there r ppl frm all age.. frm 13 to 60 i tink.. most of them quite old.. wah sian.. really dunnoe how to communicate.. guess i made alot of mistakes.. like pointing the direction where they cannt see.. they let me try to use my voice mre.. learn to communicate more.. let me know tat there r ppl with dreams and so on.. more desolate ppl with dreams but lack capability to achieve it.=x..n i see how society can be tat cruel to them or so gracious towards them.. saw alot of warmhearted ppl..
nt bad..~~

more volunteer work pls..

uh.. den play soccer at tp.. damn shagged.. lose the match terribly..
den go eat dinner..
den go boon keng eat prata..

lol..i gt a lively debate with cheenwei on further educations n so on..
he siao on 1..

now sunday le.. wad shd i do?

ciaoz.. go study lo.. no time no time
singapore society can be saved..=P
in all, it is quite enriching experience.. hoping to go for more..
any offers?