Saturday, April 15, 2006

hmm smu interview,,,,,,,~~~

i lazy o summarize wad goes on in smu interview..
basically gt 4 rds of qns
1st is article reading n analysis
2nd why smu
3rd is estimation qn
4th isworkig together in grp n solving a riddle..

hmm i duno la.. i feel gd abt the interview mainly thanks to the gd wishes frm frens n net frens..
veri sincere thanks to amelia, cailian, chee chun, chenwei who went down smu with me..
alot ppl wish me gd luck.. thanks..
with them, i gain confidence..
hopefully i impress the interviews and secure place in smu..
hmm seriously smu is like a poly..
ssstudy n go ..~~
hmm duno whether is gd arnot?
should uni comprise living together n studying together, morning rush to class in slipper den rush back to hostel?
or in smu, dress up, take mrt, rush to sch, take lesson, after lesson, go to nearest shopping mall, or go home?
seriously i prefer wad kind of education le?
i seriously dun wan to contemplate..
ntu faster come lei..i wan ntu~~

hmm this wk outfield.. atec lei.. sians..
must do well
den gt long break

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