Saturday, December 17, 2005

ONE YEAR anniversary

i came into " her" 1 yr ago..
she look so old frm first sight
so i tot my life will be very slack
i took 10 on my first trip there to mit her
hmm i passed through schools and housing estate temples..
it is a nice day...
i come early... veri early
feel unease
hmm meet ppl
they stare at me
i feel nervous..

finali finali
i m introduced to her..
it doesnt sound so bad frm first impression...
sound it will be hapi life for me
albeit will b veri sian n so on

but wat i duno
is 1 yr le
i havent feel any happiness in it
i lost frens through her
i noe new frens through
i gain many valuable experiences through her..
i learnt to be more cynical
i learnt to be more distrusting of ppl
i learnt to be more irritating
i learnt to complain

this is nt my best yr
i regretted noeing her..

i oso feelt relieved ihad grown through adversity to be with her..
i belonged to her..
n i noe i still gt 1 yr to be with her
i will treasure her~
to many guard duties
many extras
many outfield
many wkends burnt
many fren known n bullied
i duno how ppl describe

haha been through alot this yr

consecutive guard duties for 3 wks
outfield become enmy stay outfield for 2 cconsecutives day
burnt countless wkends
COPA for 1 mth.. stay in whole mth
being scolded everyday by a old hag who i od not respect
being fucked upside down everyday
everyday so sianz
lost alot of myself
i felt i nt been myself for past yr..

when can any1 forgive me?
when can i be myself?
i wan to be cheerful me

hmm 3 rd guards battalion 12th mono intake.. bedok camp

15th dec 2004
till 15th dec 2005..

wat a yr... wat a yr to noe her

hmm 1 more yr to go

ord date 19th dec 2006

the date i leave her for greener pasture.. i will miss her

Sunday, December 11, 2005

mayday Concertttttt

mayday concert was a blast

stand all the way in the concert

all the fav songs all sung

n we danced along to it

although at the beginning i is quite slow n the audience warmed to the concert slow..
but once the hard rock stuff is in..
can reali see the place rock
ppl keep jump
ppl keep using lightstick]i sway to the music

quite amused tat i can do tat


wat a wonderful conert

10 dec 2005 i will rmeember this day