Friday, November 24, 2006

exam exam exam exam

hmm i go enrol for t6 le.. still gt 4 more course to learn n enrol. hopefully can pass lo
suddenly feel veri ppoor.. i need ard 2k more..
so much so muchmoney.. later need to go for acca lvl 2..
den go for ntu

i tink the onli limiting factor for me now is money

withoout money i could not do so

now i know wad shd i do le

i shd find work lots lots of work

swallow my pride ask for work

faster ord too

emotionally empty.. when can some gal save me

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

boring jincai

okie wad to blog. nth happen today.. haha.. sianx.. tink alot of things.. but still cannt go ndo lei

okie let blog abt the gals i recently know ba..
nowadays gals very dangeroooouss 1..
they wan ur hp num
n KEEP flooding ur hp with msgs

-_-i veri nice to reply them bbbut they keep msging..
i tinkk i become thier temporary bf....

but sad they all fat.. sob sob
1 call kelly .. the other call marilyn..

u wan see their pics.. ask me lo..

Monday, November 20, 2006

i hate myself

i hate myself for many things.

1) unable to achieve anything in life
2) unable to step out of comfort zone
3) unable to be determined in doing things
4) unable to think positively
5) unable to be less lame
6) unable to get away from my computer
7) unable to care for people
8) unable to open up to ppl
9) unable to trust ppl
10) unable to do things my way
11) unable too enjoy my life as it is

fuk myself.. lol nice anime..

i admire the kiwi but i wan live my dreams n achieve it

Sunday, November 19, 2006