Saturday, March 01, 2008

dun know who will care abt my blog

haha,,, nv update for awhile.. becoz it is mth end.. n it is reali bz.. like shit

doing sai kang work like this.. make me wish i m back in sch

den again earning this kind of income.. i feel happi...

lol so empowered.. to chart the correct path to being a successful person..

maybe i will meet mani setbacks..
but i will strive to live to be the best.. achieve my aims regardsless of obstacles..

to be a better person.. to be the best..

lol.. tio second invitation to convert to perm.. boss ask me go to her office..

say wan offer.. i hee haw.. say will tell her this coming wk..

wad shd i do?

accept to convert to perm.. n exchange my freedom for more money..

llol i scare i cannt cope with my studies

wow i fighting on mani fronts..

work, study acca( 3 modules). complete my chfc..

cool.. but i still slacking here..

haha.. =D

on second tots, i lack the financial discpline to accumulate n save wealth..

beem wasting money in soccer.. kns damn sian...