Friday, November 18, 2005

summary of the wk

haha.. erm duno la..

feeling used to the life
although tio abandoned by gal, but spent enjoyable time with wl n cw in his celebration dinner..

hmm this wk.. though monday scary.. but the rets of the wk go smoothly.. next monday PATS.. HUMAN RESOURCE AUDIT

SCARY.. bless me to gothrough it smoothly

just let me survive..
wat will the wkend bring..

morning haf to go back cmap do some work
but xi guan le

i tink i cna b officer liao.. scarfice all for army..

for pride n honor

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


hi i gt nth to say

to update:

1) my specs spoil

2) i waiting for wkend

3) i been confined... no nites off.. no canteen breaak

i grown fatter

i still yearn for her

Sunday, November 13, 2005

i burnt alot of money

yesterday i spent alot of money.. buy strike.. go eat dinner at yuki yaki....

si bei sian.. when i go home...i overshoot my mrt stop n landed in pari ris ............n it is past 12


i duno how i do it.. must b too tired..

morning i spent it in camp.. afternoon go buy present for wl..

den nite go yuki yaki restaurant

haha.. icecream buffeet.. so cute.. they make the erm pot(duno say rite arnot) cold cold cold cold...

den we supposed to put in the icecream cream.. haha we took many flavour..

my personal favoooourite mixture is honeydew plus green apple.. ha..

we like small kids keep playing with icecream..

n of coz must mention the yuki yaki SUSHI...nt bad la.. first time eat.. a enjoyable experience..haha i took many sushi n keep eating it

n of coz i tried BABY OCTOPUS...
eat until my stomach squirm...

experience experience.. but tad bit expensive.. wah spent abt 30plus.. now conifrm i lose money in strike.. abt 60 plus


hmm anyway so sad i could not go out with her.. cannt see movie with her