Tuesday, January 10, 2006

go clubbing at Mos.


nt bad

i everyday dream of going Mos since its opening.. so mani hype..
but now i go.. erm actuali nt tat much..
but it offer a totally different experience ba..
is a nice place to relax n people see..
n drink bahz..very high classy.. alot of ang mohs
haha.. i veri suaku lo.. i dunnoe wat drink to buy lo.. nid them to recommend..

den drink vodka lime.. erm ok la.. nt bad.. normal drink..
actuali i nv drink before.. before my army mate bday when i drink abit absolute vodka.. den abit heinekin at new yr countdown n now MOSclubbing my third time
so erm but i can " dong".. so come come i wan test my limit.. who wan go into alchohol drinking contest with me..

we go in quite early.. nt much ppl.. ard 9plus..
haha den the crowd stream in lo..
hmm ... my frens onli ppl watch n tok tok lo.. quite boring at first..
den finali see ppl dance..~
den we join them~
hahaha.. dancing so shiok lol..
saw alot of dirty goingons.. felt disgusted..
haha.. maybe it is normal stuff to normal clubbers.. but for me it is different..

alot of gals are dressed to kill
but i tink it also attracted alot of unwanted attentioon or " wanted " attention..
alot of ang moh lurking ard..
when they see thier prey.. usuali gals in their 20s . dressed very sexily..
den erm they drew close to her...
den slowy slowy dance ard her..
den very suddenly drew her close to him.. den whisper to her.. den the guy seemto like it.. i tink they like the attention..
den lidat they seduce each other with their dancing..
den wah they kissed passionately..
maybe the gal is under" alchohol influence" but dun tink so la//

tink she is willing la..
hmm den after awhile, they disappeared after alot of dirty dancing..
den the ang moh reappear but the gal nv appear .. maybe go other room ba..haha den he aim again lo.. quite disgusted la..
haha tink 1 day they can get many gals..
hmmmm how many they get to bed per day??

okok this is a side issue..
mos gt alot of room which cater to different music..
i go 1 is dance music..
so pretty shio but music veyr hot..
den gt mambo.. den street music.. alot la.. ang moh music i dunnoe how to hear la..
street music area still gt a cage like dance floor.. nt bad sis the music.
hahah.. wah still gt 1room.. dunnoe wat sia.. look like geylang la sia..

it gt alot of erm so called bed chairs n sofas.. is totally white n red...
n gt alot of sashes..
can find alot of secret areas.. i tink.. den gt a bar la.
duno wat room is tat.. but pretty eerie

they are blatently making out there la..

haha.. maybe i too conservative ba

heex. after clubbing end ard 2plsu.. den we go clarke quay eat.. ncie food.. den went home ard 4..

erm u ask me whether i wan go clubbing at mos again?
erm maybe my answer is perhaps next time.

oo alot of dirty dancing sia

Sunday, January 08, 2006

raining raining raining 8th jan 2006.

wah whol eday rain sia...
see the gloomy skies.. i oso sianz sia..
haha but gd la
today nv online oo much
finish a book le..
gd start le..

wann to read more
want to satisfy my voracious appetite for knowledge
i noe i noe very little things

i wan to be a know all..
invest money on unit trust but NO MONEY!