Thursday, October 14, 2004

abt 100 hrs left of freedom

arghhh. sad man..

100 hrs left

6 days left..

whywhywhy time so fast 1

i feel i haf done nothing...

but i feel fitter..:P i go run n run everyday.. n do push up..lala.. but still nt up to standard.. still lag alot..cannt do 20 push up at 1 time.. after 8 i die

sian wor

Hmm..i get my red dot.. but still nt hapi la.. i haf nt achieved my aim

arghh.. cheated money on tuesday.. nice mp3player but too ex

=(.. dun haf much money left.. hope is euff for rest of thing.. yea yea

Sad says:
Sad says:
Sad says:
Sad says:
when i need some1 to an wei wo,,
Sad says:
u will always b there
Sad says:

=)... gan dong to hear tat frm some1

Monday, October 11, 2004

-.-??........wat is life? wat is love? wat is the future ahead?

if u looking at this entry becoz of its title, i tell u i haf no answer to the above questions..

if i noe wat is llife, why should i alway toking to my netfrens n moaning n crapping abt it?

if i noe wat is love, why should i steadless:P?

if i noe wat is the future ahead, i should go b fortune teller lliao n nt worry constantly abt future..?

ohh crap.. above all is crap..

i spend prev few days tinking alot of days ahead..meaning life in tekong n in ns..BUt still NO conclusion la..onli resolution to myself: i will go into it with my usual enthusiam.. i will rox NS..i wun feel lonely inside.. i will make myself happi inside.. after all, come on i look like uncle:P n personally i tink i very mature in tinking abt most things.. ok la maybe some thing nt yet mature..BUt o_0 i m sure i m 1 strongspirited guy

=)i tinking of my frens inside.. wat they doing now? how they handling life inside? wellmaybe guy look tough outside.. but most guys r a weak bunch mentally.. at least i tink @@.. gt a few guy fren quite emotionally weak..
o.0 i gt my sad moments.. i gt my moments when i feel i wan break down.. i feel sometime i should just die.. but eh when i return to house n see my com, i hapi.. when i see my sis studying n i suan her, i feel hapi when i saw my bro fat stomach n his evergrowing figure, i laugh, whenever i see my second small sis alway smsing away on her hp n looking so ah llian, i feel amused..hey small thing will make u hapi.. try find something tat will make u feel hapi..hEhe..I noe my family love me n i LoVE them.. although gt sometime arguement with my father, but eh part of growing up.. n they will alway b there for me.. i will alway b there for them..

lolx..lolx..hmm gt 3 yr 5 month 7 days n abt 12 hr frm when my mum died.. i tink she will b hapi to see us 4 living so well.. wat she taught us had made us great person.. she is so strict.. i remember.. hmm but hey..our lao er is top 10 in her jc.. n she is top of 2 subject at her level.. n my little bro is top of his sch..hey his english get full mark at his eoy exam ..haha.. feel proud of them.. onli my youngest sis.. haiyo..jia you ba.. not at the top few percentage.. but if u work hard, u can do it 1.. only me is a failure..whywhywhywhy i fail my english at olevel.. whywhywhywhy i just cannt pick myself up after my mum death n move on.....
OoPS..duno why i tok abt it again.. it alway will b my thorn in my heart...maYbe it is survivor guilt..